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  • Vatche T.
    I was looking to schedule routine maintenance for my restaurant and Found this company on yelp. Gregory had quick response time. Very professional, knowledgeable, and punctual, with great customer service. Not going to bother looking for anyone els to service my restaurant.
  • Eric D.
    Great And Honest Company! Ask For Gregory he turned my real life nightmare into a walk in the park. They were able to show me actual footage of my Broken Pipes, and gave me different options on how I could solve my issue at a great price. Don't let the other guys fool you I'm glad I reached out to these guys.
  • Claire T.
    Super convenient same day schedule and competitive pricing. Greg was very nice and professional. Definitely recommend
  • Emily S.
    WOW, from a stellar response time to just a warm, genuine service - I will always use ProFix for my plumbing needs. So impressed, and he really took the time to walk through some areas I wanted quotes on. My husband and I have had our fair share of plumbing quotes, and Greg was by far the most knowledgeable and made sure to present multiple options. I never felt like he was over-quoting or trying to get more money. Just such an awesome experience. He also checked our drains because I thoughts I had a clog, and went the extra mile to check other items around the sink. Do yourself a favor and use ProFix for any plumbing needs!
  • Dee W.
    Do me a favor...just call Greg and he'll sort it out for you. I had a cracked drain pipe that took Greg all it 20mins to fix. He not only installed a new pipe but also ensured that the rest of the drain system functioned properly. I'd recommend Profix for any plumbing needs and will use their service in the future.
  • Tom T.
    Greg gave me a great price quote right away through the yelp quote system. I was a little hesitant because he only had a few reviews. But it was a simple drain snaking in the kitchen so I figured I couldn't beat the price. When he showed up, I realized he had come to my house before as he was working for another company at the time. He was great and thorough then and now that he has his OWN COMPANY! Congrats Greg. He not only snaked the kitchen drain but he took a look with his video cam to show me the clog. He only charged me for a simple snaking even though he had to disassemble some pipes under the sink and clean out from there.
  • Brad M.
    Had yard drains that were severely root clogged and Greg did a phenomenal job trying to clear the blockage. He went above and beyond and offered extremely fair and reasonable price for his time compared to other services who would have most likely have charged nearly double.
  • Maya M.
    Honest, reliable and efficient. Greg is simply the best - he is kind, professional and will not mislead you. Highly recommend for all plumbing needs!
  • Lisa F.
    I wanted to leave and positive review for Greg. He did a very good deed and helped me out going above. He did not have to do what he did in terms of customer service Kudos to Greg!! I would definitely use him again.
  • Stephen S.
    As a realtor who has seen and dealt with many contractors, these guys are leagues better than the rest! Greg was brought on to do a sewer line camera inspection and to help look at the plumbing at a 4 unit building. From the start he was clear about the limits of what he could do and his communicate was superb. He searched through and through for a clean out and after not finding one, tried to use a vent to get the camera down. We ran out of time and he had to make a second trip that day to try and get the job done. We ran out of time again and he made a third trip back on short notice a few days later - all this around a busy holiday weekend. He went above and beyond to inspect the property, address questions and go beyond the initial scope of work. Greg is everything you would want in plumber - friendly, communicative, prompt, diligence, honest, and client service oriented. He is not here to take your money like other contractors. He is there to build a relationship with you. I look forward to work with Greg again!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Dennis C.
    Dunno his name but guy was great. -fast -friendly -helped me with info on how i could fix another plumbing problem -even rinsed off my nasty bath after fixing the drain plug 5/5!
  • Peter K.
    Gregory came today to fix a severely clogged kitchen drain. He used his snake for nearly an hour cleaning and finally broke through after the 4th attempt. Now the drain flows without it backing up. I'm so very glad I called profix to fix my clog.
  • Dan P.
    The team at ProFix Drain and Hyrdo Jet did a great job on my old house that hasn't had it's sewer line open in 60 years. Some very odd things were down there and they got through it easy. Walked me through the whole process, fixed my water back up, installed a 2 way sewerline and flushed everything out. Showed me the before and after video and all the roots were gone. Highly recommend them.
  • susie y.
    I had a clogged kitchen drain and Greg came and not only hydrojetted to clear it, but also double checked with the camera and hydrojetted twice more to ensure he got all of the grease buildup. He and his partner are both polite, honest and thorough with their work. I really appreciate their Service and the extremely reasonable price for what they did. I'm also impressed by how responsive they are. My multiple messages were replied within minutes!
  • Kenny S.
    Just what I needed. A little back story is that my family owns a water store where you can come fill up those 5 gallon jugs with purified water. The area floor drain that is tied to the filtration system was backing up and caused flooding to the system room. I got it snaked but it only lasted for about a month or so. I was recommended to get the drain hydro jetted and it was the best decision that I should have done earlier. Greg and Jessie were the guys that serviced me. Both were very nice and got the job the job done in about an hour. They went the extra mile and did 10 passes to ensure my drain was cleaned. I am very happy with the results and will be a repeat customer. Highly recommend!55
  • Ian P.
    My kitchen sink was draining slowly and I first called a service offering $44 drain clearing to come help out. After 90 minutes of snaking, the drain was now 100% clogged and they offered a $500 service to Hydro Jet it for me... I'm not sure if this was the plan all along but I told them I would call back at a later time to schedule the hydrojet. I searched Yelp for Hydro Jet services and used the quote request tool which is pretty convenient (though I'm sure they charge companies for the service which could potentially increase the costs of service). Greg was quick to reply and quoted $300 for the HydroJet service and to run a camera to inspect and make sure there were no lingering problems. He couldn't make it out until the next day, but was up front and communicated this clearly. Greg texted to let me know he was on his way as I requested and arrived on time the following morning. He was very professional and friendly while he and his team cleared out the drain and sanitized the area around the cleanout to avoid weird smells coming from my front yard. The whole process took about 45 minutes if I recall and I couldn't be happier with the service. Its been several weeks since the drain was cleared and it still works flawlessly. I highly recommend you use ProFix Drain and Hydro Jet if you need a Hydro jet service!
  • Russ Q.
    I don't recall if I've written my first experience with Profix but it was for a simple routine of a toilet clogged. Greg was super nice and kind and in the end he told what I needed to do if this were to happen again. Which with my boy it happens a lot So, in the end Greg saved me lots of visits which says a lot about his character and taking care of people. Fast forward to this current review. We had some issues with our sewer line and when Greg showed up I knew I was in good hands and trusted his word. My dad was a contractor and his biggest pet peeve was that contractor rarely properly finish a job. So, when I came home to see my yard put back together and my flower bed freshly mulched and the house was spotless. I had to write this review. Greg will not only get any business from me but any issues my real estate clients may have as well. Thank you Greg for the great work you and your crew did at the house!
  • William P.
    My toilet was leaking and desperately needed a quick repair. ProFix not only quoted the best price but sent best men Greg and Jesse to solve the issue. Keep it up.

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