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Plumbing and Drain Services in Redondo Beach, CA

ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet Services provides 24-hour plumbing to the people of Redondo Beach and surrounding California neighborhoods. Whether you have a clogged drain, broken water heater or leaky faucet, call us and we’ll be right there right away. Our professional plumbing technicians are experts at repairing or replacing all types of pipe leaks, broken toilets, cracked faucets, water heater repair, drain cleaning and more! Our certified technicians are on call 24-hours a day for all types of plumbing, HVAC, electrical work and more, so never hesitate to contact us.

ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet Home Services

Drain Cleaning – Clogged Pipe or Drain Stoppage? Toilet Overflowing? Sink Draining Too Slowly? Drain clogs can be caused by things as hair, dirt, and soap scum. Luckily, in most cases they can be fixed easily, call the experts at ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet.
Water Heaters – If your hot water heater is on the fritz, there’s no need to panic. ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet offers dependable water heater repair services, installations, and sales.
Pipe Replacement – ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet can test to determine if your plumbing problems are being caused by eroding pipes and make recommendations on whether it is time for copper repiping, flexible tubing or not.

Hydrojet Plumbers, Redondo Beach, CA

We are your premier Redondo Beach, CA Hydrojet Plumbers and service technicians, specializing in hydro jetting sewer drain lines and clearing blockage.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is the process of clearing clogs and debris buildup on pipe walls throughout the plumbing system, by sending high-pressured water jets through the pipes. This intense cleaning helps prevent the likelihood of future clogs and backups as the water scours the pipe walls to remove grease, food particles, mineral scale, debris, and, in some cases, tree roots.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

First, your ProFix Drain Plumber will inspect your system to find the ideal spot to insert a hose and begin pumping the water. This high water pressure will force the material blocking the pipes to flow down the sewer system and out of your home’s pipes.

But Hydro jetting isn’t as simple as sticking the hose down the drain and firing up the hydro jetting machine. If you get hydro jetting wrong, you can break your pipes and seriously damage your plumbing system, resulting in a hefty repair bill. For that reason, it’s best to leave this project to a ProFix Drain professional plumber who has the right tools and experience to complete this job safely.

Hydro jetting cleans pipes and removes clogs more comprehensively than drain snaking by aggressively flushing the system. It also doesn’t include the use of chemicals, only water.

Snaking is very different then Hydro jetting, snaking punctures clogs and breaks them apart, but it doesn’t reach the pipe walls to grab super stubborn debris. However, snaking is often the chosen method for older homes or homes with weakened pipes because it’s less intense and doesn’t apply pressure to the pipes as hydro jetting does.

If you’re in any doubt about whether you need a hydro jetting service, it’s worth calling ProFix Drain & Hydro Jetting and asking for a video line inspection. The cost of a sewer line camera inspection is insignificant compared with the cost of replacing your sewer line.

Redondo Beach Residential Sewer and Drain Cleaning and Hydro Jet Services

Clogged Pipe or Drain Stoppage? Toilet Overflowing? Sink Draining Too Slowly? We Provide Redondo Beach Residential Customers Emergency Services 24/7.

Before you attempt a home remedy or plunger, call the professionals at ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet in the Redondo Beach area. Professional drain cleaning is safe and effective, and our methods will restore your drain flow fast and safely. We have fair and up front prices and specialize in drain cleaning throughout Redondo Beach and surrounding cities. We use professional grade equipment and specialized machines to thoroughly clean your drains. We can handle the toughest clogs in all of your drains, including kitchens, lavatory and utility sinks, tubs and showers, toilets, laundry lines and main sewer drains. Home remedies, liquid drain cleaners and plungers can do more harm than good. Call ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet for the best drain cleaning, reliable services and competitive pricing in Redondo Beach.

At ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet, we know that regular drain cleaning is a vital service for your homes system’s general health and sanitation. Without at least an annual drain cleaning visit, you’re running the risk of creating slow drains, causing backup issues, and allowing rotting waste to fill your home with a repulsive stench. With hundreds of gallons flowing through your homes system on a daily basis, having a clear drain should be a top priority. By having your drain system cleaned regularly, you can help to avoid much larger drain repairs and repair bills in the future.

Our Redondo Beach Residential Drain Cleaning Services Offers Highly-Effective, Proven Methods for Cleaning Your Drains

  • Roto-Rooting: This method uses a series of blades or drills to travel down your pipes to the clog and cut away any roots or debris. Cutting away large chunks of debris creates a wide opening for your sewage and restores normal flow quickly.
  • Hydro-Jetting: Hydro-jetting is a treatment that uses high-pressure hoses to completely clean the inside of your drains and sewer lines. It clears away what roto-rooters don’t cut away, and it washes away the debris so your drains enjoy full efficiency for years to come.

Let our trained and certified drain cleaning plumbers handle the problem for you. We’ve been keeping our Redondo Beach clients worry-free for over 15 years.

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