Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Sewer Camera Inspection

Residential Sewer Camera Inspection

Are You Experiencing Frequent Backups in Your Sewer Drain? Have Roots Invaded Your Pipes Causing Damage? Are You Purchasing a New Home?

You may need an in-depth view of the sewer line to diagnose the issue and determine the ideal repair. ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet offers expert sewer camera inspections throughout los Angeles and Orange County. A sewer camera inspection can identify issues causing frequent backups so we can provide the best repair options, including hydro jetting, sewer repair or replacement, pipelining or pipe bursting. An in-depth inspection is also recommended prior to purchasing a new home to help avoid costly repairs in the future. With our professional sewer camera services, we will be able to show you the cause of backups, extent of root intrusion, and help you to avoid costly backups with a professional and cost effective repair.

What is a Camera Inspection?

During a camera inspection, a plumber attaches a waterproof camera to a small cable. It’s pushed through your plumbing with ease and does no damage at all to your pipes. While the camera travels through your plumbing, the plumber can clearly see what’s inside of your pipes. Your plumbing is complicated, so early detection is crucial in preventing any major plumbing catastrophes. No one wants to deal with a burst pipe or a back-up. Luckily, with camera inspection, you don’t have to!

For many homeowners the same drains or pipes tend to back-up, leak and continuously cause problems. If you have been suffering from repeat drain, pipe or sewer problems we have the most effective solution to your problem – a video camera inspection. With this video technology ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet trained and certified plumbers are able to examine your home’s pipes and lines – even in the hardest to reach areas – and can quickly and accurately identify the cause of your issues.

With Video Camera Inspections, Our Professional Plumbers Can Identify

  • Minor and major cracks
  • Waste back-ups
  • Tree root intrusions
  • Grease blockages
  • Debris
  • and more!

Once the problem is identified let our trained and certified sewer camera inspectors handle the repair fix the issue and leave your home with your pipes and lines in full working order. We’ve been keeping our clients worry-free for over 15 years.

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  • Sewer Camera Inspection

  • Helps identify issues causing frequent backups, best repair options, including hydro jetting, sewer repair, etc. Call (562) 584-3657 today for a FREE quote.