Anaheim Sewer Line & Drain Cleaning

One thing most home owners do not think much about are their sewer lines. Sewer lines can clog, leading to leaks and breaks, which can cause extensive and costly damage. Clogged sewer lines come from tree roots, broken pipes, grease, and debris like toilet paper and other things that can get flushed down the toilet or dumped down the sink.

A Clogged Sewer Line is Nothing to Take Lightly.

If you believe that your sewer lines need cleaning in Anaheim and the surrounding areas, call ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet 24/7 for sewer line & drain cleaning.

Drain and sewer line clogs, in many cases, come hand-in-hand. Things like grease, oil, hair, food, and other objects can stop up drains, causing overflow and even leaks or cracks in the pipes. The easiest way to avoid drain clogs is to keep things like grease, food scraps, coffee grounds, and other large, clumping items down the drain. Also be sure to avoid flushing things other than toilet paper to keep large items from getting stuck.

Is It Time for Drain Cleaning Service in Anaheim, CA?

Every homeowner can benefit from routine sewer line & drain cleaning. ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet, is available for professional sewer line & drain cleaning in Anaheim California 24/7. Call (949) 533-8832 For Free Estimate